Mint Long Savinelli Estella 803 EX Classic Canadian Pipe

Pipe Length: 7”

Bowl Height: 2.1”

Bowl Width: 1.6”

Chamber Depth: 1.8”

Chamber Width: .8”

Pipe Weight: 55g

Made In: Italy

Pipe Condition: Another fantastic piece from the guys over at Savinelli! This is an Estella pipe which is an older Savinelli line that is no longer produced so these Estellas are getting harder and harder to find, and to find one in this great of shape is quite the opertunity! This pipe is in Mint Condition showing barley any signs of previous use! The shape is a nice Large Size Classic Canadian Billiard pipe shape which will make for a very comfortable smooth smoke and feels great in the palm of the hand. This Canadian shape is a very rare and hard to find shape in the Estella line. The bowl is in great condition showing almost no signs of previous use. The piece has a nice rusticated finish which shows off the nice deep Estella rustication texture which made this pipe line so famous! The wood is stained a nice light brownish orange color which suits this piece perfectly and serves to accentuate the nice rustication job. The bowl walls are real nice and thick and the bowl is completely cleaned out, charless, and virtually odor free. The top of the rim is char free as well which is great because you can see the rustication on the top of the rim too. Overall this pipe is in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed by its next owner. Cleaned, sanitized, and ready to smoke right out of the parcel!

Stamps: In Perfect legible condition.

Marked: “Estella” “803 EX Italy”.

Stem: Comes with original hand carved Acrylic stem and the Estella ‘E’ is still present on the top. There are absolutely no deep tooth marks on the stem tip at all! No cracks or chips or anything of the sort! Stem fits nice and tight too!

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